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12" Golf Cart Wheel and Tire Combos

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12" Golf Cart Wheels and Tires

Ready for an upgrade that combines style with performance? Our 12-inch golf cart wheels and tires are your go-to solution. Ideal for non-lifted and lifted carts alike, these combos are compatible with a wide range of golf carts including EZGO, Club Car, Yamaha, and many others. 

Overall Diameter Ranges from 18" to 23" for different needs
Lift Kits Depending on the combo, lift kits may be essential for the perfect fit.
Cart Compatibility EZGO, Club Car, Yamaha, Evolution, Denago, and more

Understanding Golf Cart Wheels and Tire Sizing

Selecting the correct size for your golf cart wheels and tires is essential. The right fit influences both the appearance and the performance of your cart. Here’s a quick guide to get you started:

  • 12-inch wheels stand out for their adaptability, fitting a broad range of golf carts without hassle.
  • Tire sizes span from 18" to 23" in height, catering to different preferences and requirements based on your golf cart model and intended use.
  • Lift kits may be required for installing taller tires to guarantee a smooth fit and prevent rubbing against the cart's body.

Need help finding the right tire size for your golf cart? Check out our Tire Size Calculator for quick and accurate measurements!

12-Inch Golf Cart Wheels and Tires for Lifted Carts

Lifted golf carts require the perfect wheels and tires for peak performance. Let's dive into the essentials:

Choosing the Right Tires:
For lifted carts, the size of your tires is key. Bigger tires enhance ground clearance and contribute to a more rugged appearance.

Lift Kit Requirement:
Upgrading to larger tires typically necessitates a lift kit to ensure ample clearance and prevent any interference.

Lift Kit Guide Table:

Golf Cart Model18" Tires18.8" Tires20" Tires20.5" Tires22" Tires23" Tires
Club Car DS No Lift No Lift Min 3" Lift Min 3" Lift Min 4" Lift Min 6" Lift
Club Car Precedent No Lift No Lift Min 3" Lift Min 3" Lift Min 4" Lift Min 6" Lift
Club Car Onward No Lift No Lift Min 3" Lift Min 3" Lift Min 4" Lift Min 6" Lift
Club Car Tempo No Lift No Lift Min 3" Lift Min 3" Lift Min 4" Lift Min 6" Lift
EZGO Marathon No Lift No Lift Min 3" Lift Min 3" Lift Min 4" Lift Min 5" Lift
EZGO TXT Pre-2001.5 No Lift No Lift No Lift Min 3" Lift Min 3" Lift Min 4" Lift
EZGO TXT 2001.5+ No Lift No Lift No Lift No Lift Min 3" Lift Min 4" Lift
EZGO RXV No Lift No Lift No Lift No Lift Min 3" Lift Min 4" Lift
Evolution Non-Lifted No Lift No Lift No Lift No Lift No Lift Needs Mods
Evolution Lifted No Lift No Lift No Lift No Lift No Lift No Lift
Icon Golf Carts (i20,i40,etc.) No Lift No Lift Min 3" Lift Min 3" Lift Min 4" Lift Min 6" Lift
StarEV Non-Lifted No Lift No Lift No Lift Min 3" Lift Min 3" Lift Min 4" Lift
StarEV Lifted No Lift No Lift No Lift No Lift No Lift No Lift
Yamaha (G1-G22) No Lift No Lift Min 3" Lift Min 3" Lift Min 5" Lift Min 6" Lift
Yamaha G29/Drive2 No Lift No Lift No Lift No Lift Min 3" Lift Min 5" Lift
Tire Size  18" Tires 18.8" Tires 20" Tires 20.5" Tires 22" Tires 23" Tires
Common 12" Wheel
Tire Sizes
215/40-12 20x10-12 215/50-12 22x10-12
Disclaimer: This chart assumes that the golf cart has relatively new suspension parts. If your golf cart has older, worn-out suspension, it might affect the clearance and cause tires to rub against the cart body. It's a good idea to check your cart's suspension for the best fit.

12-Inch Golf Cart Wheels and Tires for Non-Lifted Carts

For those who value the streamlined look and efficiency of non-lifted carts, picking the right wheel and tire combination is key. Our selection of 12-inch wheels, pre-mounted with tires, offers an ideal solution for your standard-height golf cart, eliminating the need for any alterations.

Compatibility Guide for Non-Lifted Carts:

Our 12-inch wheels and tires are designed for a perfect fit, ensuring a smooth ride without the need for modifications. Here's a quick compatibility guide:

    • Club Car DS / Precedent / Onward / Tempo: Compatible with tires up to 18.8"
    • EZGO Marathon: Fits tires up to 20.5"
    • EZGO TXT Pre-2001.5: Accommodates tires up to 20"
    • EZGO TXT 2001.5+ / RXV: Suitable for tires up to 20.5"
    • Evolution Non-Lifted: Handles tires up to 22"
    • Icon Golf Carts (i20, i40, etc.): Fits tires up to 18.8"
    • StarEV Non-Lifted: Can fit tires up to 20"
    • Yamaha (G1-G22): Accepts tires up to 18.8"
    • Yamaha G29/Drive2: Compatible with tires up to 20.5"

Our 12-inch wheel combos come with a universal 4x4 bolt pattern, making them compatible with most major golf cart brands. Each listing includes detailed fitment info, helping you select the ideal wheels and tires for your golf cart.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q: What should I consider when choosing 12-inch golf cart wheels and tires?
A: Focus on your cart's model, the terrain you'll be navigating, and your primary use for the cart. It's crucial to ensure compatibility, decide between the need for smooth on-road tires or rugged off-road tires, and opt for high-quality tires for enhanced traction and performance.

Q: Can non-lifted golf carts fit 12-inch wheels and tires?
A: Yes, many non-lifted golf carts can accommodate 12-inch wheel and tire combos, especially those designed for non-lifted setups. EZGO TXT & RXV, Club Car DS, Precedent, Onward/Tempo, and Yamaha Drive (G29)/Drive2 are among the models that can fit certain 12-inch tires without needing a lift. However, it's always important to verify the specific tire height and compatibility with your golf cart model.

Q: How long do golf cart tires last?
A: Golf cart tire longevity depends on how often you use your cart, the types of terrain you traverse, and the tire quality. With regular maintenance, they can last for several years.

Q: Can I swap tires between different golf cart brands like Club Car, Yamaha, and EZ-GO?
A: Many golf cart tires are made with a universal fit, allowing for interchangeability across brands. However, it's essential to check for compatibility to ensure a perfect fit and prevent modifications.

Q: What do I need to know about installing golf cart tires on wheels?
A: Most wheel and tire sets come pre-mounted, simplifying installation to just bolting them onto your golf cart. If you're mounting them yourself, make sure the tires are correctly seated on the rims and inflated to the recommended pressure.

Q: What are the advantages of buying a wheel and tire combo?
A: Wheel and tire combos offer guaranteed compatibility, often at a better price than buying them separately. They're easy to install and can instantly upgrade your golf cart's performance and appearance.

Q: What's the difference between on-road and off-road 12" golf cart tires?
A: On-road tires typically feature a smoother tread for comfort and durability on paved surfaces. Off-road tires have a more aggressive tread for superior grip and stability on uneven terrain.

Q: Can the same tires be used on golf courses and off-road trails?
A: All-terrain tires are the best choice for versatility, designed to perform well on both paved paths and moderate off-road conditions. They strike a balance between a smooth ride and effective traction.

Q: How crucial are tire quality and traction for my golf cart?
A: High-quality tires with excellent traction are vital for safe and controlled driving in various conditions. They also enhance the overall durability and efficiency of your golf cart.

Q: Do I need different tires for different terrains?
A: Yes, selecting tires suited for the specific terrain you'll encounter ensures the best safety and performance. Choose smooth tread tires for paved paths and knobby tread tires for off-road use.

Q: Will any 12" tire fit my golf cart?
A: Not all 12" tires are compatible with every golf cart model. It's vital to check the compatibility with your specific golf cart to ensure a proper fit and optimal performance.