Golf Cart Performance Upgrades


Golf Cart Performance Upgrades for Gas or Electric Engines

We have the widest selection of high quality custom performance upgrades for your golf cart. We have disc brake systems that include high quality caliper and brake pad sets for the best in braking performance. A great break system will ensure your safety behind the wheel of your golf cart. We also have tuned exhaust systems that allow the driver to get the best performance out of any gas or electric golf cart.

In addition, we also have air filters and clutch enhancements that will help you get the most out of your engine and add to the performance of your fuel system. Electrical system upgrades include power switch modifications that ensure efficient performance from your electric golf cart.

Custom parts need special hardware - and we have a wide selection for you to explore. Golf Cart King is your one-stop performance shop. We carry high amp switches, air filters, springs, and more for all golf carts.

Disc Brake Systems

  • We carry disc brake systems for Yamaha, Club Car, and EZ-GO golf carts, as well as performance upgrades.

Electric Performance Parts

  • We carry electric performance parts for Yamaha, Club Car, and EZ-GO golf carts. All of the wiring & seal and plug kits you need are right here at Golf Cart King.

Gas Performance Parts

  • Our gas performance parts for Yamaha, Club Car, and EZ-GO golf carts include clutch tuning kits, traction control systems, valve spring upgrades, drop-in air filters, ratio gear sets, and more.

Tuned Exhausts

  • Our tuned exhaust upgrades for Yamaha, Club Car, and EZ-GO golf carts include dual exhaust tips, header pipes, and much more.

You will not find a better selection of performance upgrade parts anywhere on the Internet or in any brick and mortar retailer. You will not find a better price anywhere either. When you shop with Golf Cart King, you can also avoid costly sales taxes that you would pay in a traditional store.

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