Golf Cart Seat Covers & Replacement Seats


Ride Comfortable with High Quality Seats, Seat Covers, and Cushions

There is no reason a golf cart can't be as comfortable as a luxury automobile. If you shop with Golf Cart King, you can get that upscale feel at a really great price. We have a wide selection of comfortable seats and seat covers for your golf cart. We carry covers for the front and back seats, and if you have a torn seat, we have replacement covers. Here is a look at our selection of seats and seat covers.

Club Car Front Seat Replacements

  • Our Club Car parts are made in the USA, and are available in a variety of colors.
  • You can also order hip restraints, hinge plates, black plastic caps and more to compliment them.

Club Car Seat Covers

  • These seat covers are also available in many colors.
  • They are made with the highest quality resins, and are guaranteed to last.

Complete Custom Seats

  • Make your golf cart stand out in a crowd with one of your custom made seats.

Custom Hip Restraints

  • Made from durable material including titanium and carbon fiber, custom hip restraints add another element of comfort and safety to your golf cart.

Custom Seat Covers

  • Tailor-made custom seat covers give your golf cart the personal look you want, down to every detail.

EZGO Front Seat Replacements

  • Replacement parts for EZ-GO golf carts are made in the USA. Each seat is made to order. You can rest assured they will last for years.

EZGO Seat Covers

  • Our line of EZ-GO seat covers is custom designed with premium embossed vinyl that is resistant to fading and the effects of mildew.
  • These covers are also available in a wide variety of colors.

Yamaha Front Seat Replacements

  • Our line of front seat replacements for Yamaha golf carts come with a back rest. They are made with quality in the USA.

Yamaha Seat Covers

  • Made from high quality and durable vinyl and fitted for Yamaha golf carts, these seat covers are available in a variety of colors including black, white, tan, ivory, and camouflage.

Front Seat Parts

  • Hip restraints, body plates, seat hinges, and more are available for all of the top names in golf carts.

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