Golf Cart Fans & Blowers


Cool Off with a Fan or Blower for Your Yamaha, EZGO, or Club Car Golf Cart

Riding in your golf cart should be nothing less than comfortable, regardless of the temperature. There is no better way to keep cool during a summer round of golf than with the help of a golf cart fan or blower. If you're going to ride in your golf vehicle while the temperatures are soaring, we have a wide range of solutions to choose from including oscillating fans, clip-on fans, and breeze easy blower fans. These are all universal for 12, 36, and 48-volt models.

We carry a full line of golf cart fans made to fit the EZ-GO, Club Car, and Yamaha golf carts. They are available to you in 12, 36, and 48 volt as well as gas models. If you prefer, you can also rig up a 12-volt fan to an electric model if you install a voltage reducer. A voltage reducer can be installed quickly and easily to deal with a 36 or 48-volt configurations. This also has the effect of reducing the connection to only 12-volts.

Check out one of our best-selling fans, the Breeze Easy Blower Fan. This is by far the most powerful fan on the market today, and it can quickly and easily be mounted on top of a dashboard or underneath a cup holder. These Breeze Easy Blowers are designed to mount onto Yamaha, Clue Car, and EZ-GO model golf carts.

So, if you are tired of broiling during summer golf rounds, shop our wide selection of fans and blowers and find one that fits your needs and your budget. We have something for all golf carts to help keep you and your passengers as cool as possible.