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Yamaha Golf Cart Controllers


Yamaha Golf Cart Controllers

So you want to ramp up your Y-buggy’s speed and/or torque by getting a Yamaha golf cart controller? You’ve come to the right place. Golf Cart King carries a variety of golf cart controllers but it’s important to know if you have a Yamaha Series golf cart or a Yamaha Regen golf cart. Regardless, if you’re replacing the controller for your electric Yamaha golf cart, you’ll likely want to replace the cables and solenoids as well. Golf Cart King can help you get hooked up and if you need any help figuring out what you need to make your cart dreams come true, give us a call!

We have Yamaha golf cart controllers of various sizes and voltage for the following models:

  • Yamaha G1 Golf Cart
  • Yamaha G2 Golf Cart
  • Yamaha G9 Golf Cart
  • Yamaha G14 Golf Cart
  • Yamaha G16 Golf Cart
  • Yamaha G19 Golf Cart
  • Yamaha G22 Golf Cart
  • Yamaha G29 Golf Cart