Golf Cart Lift Kits

Golf Cart Lift Kits

Lift Kits for EZGO, Yamaha, and Club Car Golf Carts

If you really want to add a unique look to your golf cart, check out our selection of lift kits. Choosing the right lift kit for your golf cart depends on how you drive and use it. Above all, you should always make a choice to go with the highest level of quality and safety in mind, at a price that suits your budget. Here are some of the best advantages of the lift kits we carry.


Spindle Lift Kits

These are our most popular lift kits, due in part to the ease of installation. With spindle lift kits, there is no need to adjust the factory suspension. A spindle lift gives the golf cart a wider stance with more stability at a very affordable price.

Axle Lift Kits

These types of lift kits are designed to replace your front axle with a drop axle. This lift kit takes more time to install because the spindles must be tapered down for installation. However, this is one of our most cost-efficient options.

Long Travel Lift Kits

If you are interested in performance, long travel lift kits are your very best bet. If you love four-wheeling and off-roading, this is also the way to go. It provides superior independent front suspension that gives the riders with the most comfortable ride on rough terrain. Most come with an adjustable height setting. These lift kits widen the wheelbase for more stability, and tend to be more complicated to install.

A-Arm Lift Kits

These lift kits are most commonly made for Yamaha and Club Car golf carts. Many of the early model Yamaha golf carts came from the factory with an A-Arm suspension. These lift kits are designed to replace your front suspension for a ride that is more comfortable. A-Arm lift kits will give your golf cart a custom look that is durable -- the use of circular tubing is much stronger than square tubing.

If you want a lift kit for your golf cart, we have a wide range of options for you to choose from. Check out our selection of high quality products at the lowest prices anywhere.

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