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Golf Cart Lift Kits

Lift Kits for Club Car, EZ-GO, and Yamaha Golf Carts

Wanting to take your golf cart to new levels? Installing a lift kit on your golf cart is a useful and economical way to boost your golf cart’s performance and appearance. With a golf cart lift kit, you’ll be able to take on a variety of terrains and beef up your golf cart with bigger wheels and a larger presence. It’s important you get the right lift kit for your specific golf cart model, but also just as important that you understand the different lift kit options available to you so you can select the right one for your needs.

If you have any questions we highly recommend you give us a call and one of our Golf Cart King techs will be more than happy to get you set up with the perfect fit. In the meantime, we’ve put together a brief introduction below.

lift-kit-banners-spindle.jpgGOLF CART SPINDLE LIFT KIT

Affordable, easy to install, and works with your factory suspension? These are some of the reasons why spindle lift kits are the most popular amongst golf cart enthusiasts. Installation of the spindle lift kit will replace and increase the spindle size and length, increasing stability by widening the base of your golf cart’s stance. This upgrade will allow you to install larger tires if you desire.

lift-kit-banners-drop-axle.jpgGOLF CART DROP AXLE LIFT KIT

The drop axle lift kit replaces your current front axle at an affordable price. Installing this will increase your axle height while utilizing your existing spindles, which will need to be tapered down for installation. Drop axle lift kits are not too difficult to install but will take more time in comparison to a spindle lift kit, however drop axle kits typically cost less!

lift-kit-banners-aarm.jpgGOLF CART A-ARM LIFT KIT

The A-Arm lift kit is the heftier version of the spindle lift kit. This will replace the front suspension of your golf cart and give you a smoother ride for increased comfort. A-Arm lift kits are also known for their circular tubing, a feature that looks and performs better with higher durability than square tubing.

lift-kit-banners-long-travel.jpgGOLF CART LONG TRAVEL LIFT KIT

The long travel lift kit is without a doubt the highest performing golf cart lift kit available. Not only are they a smooth ride, they allow you to adjust the height of your golf cart. This lift kit separates the front and rear suspension and installs long, bouncy springs that act as shock absorbers. With this set up, you can take on all types of rugged terrain for some serious off-road action. You can even get your golf cart lifted as high as 7” or 8”, which is considered “extreme duty”. The possibilities are endless with this one.