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Golf Cart Horns


Golf Cart Horns for EZGO, Yamaha, and Club Car Golf Carts - Make your Cart Street Legal

Golf carts are a great alternative to regular vehicles in neighborhoods and subdivisions. Many neighborhoods around the country are close to public parks and golf courses, so driving a street legal golf cart makes sense. In order to be street legal, most carts require the installation of a horn. In general, a horn is a great accessory to have regardless of whether or not you will be driving in neighborhoods. They can be useful on the golf course too. We carry a variety of horns for EZ-GO, Yamaha, and Club Car golf carts.

If you have a horn that no longer works, we have a selection of replacement horns. You can take your pick of horns that can be mounted on a column, the dashboard, as well as the floor of your cart. The majority of our golf cart horns are electric, and you can choose from a wide variety of sounds and tones to give your vehicle its very own unique signature and compliment your style.

Many of the golf cart horns we offer hook up to 12-volts and require little wiring. You can get the 16-gauge wiring required to do the job at your local hardware store. Our golf cart horns can be installed on gas or electric models, 36 or 48-volt.

Take a look at our selection, and discover the wide range of sounds our horns have to offer.