Golf Cart Rear Seats


Rear Seat Kits for Your Golf Cart

We have a great selection for EZGO, Club Car, Yamaha, and more...

Adding a rear seat to your golf cart is not hard to do and you can immediately double the capacity of your cart. If your vehicle has been retired from active duty out on the links, why not turn it into a fun family vehicle that is also really cheap transportation. We have a great selection of seats for most major brands, in a variety of colors. Our rear seat kits come with everything you need to install them yourself and we also have a great assortment of seat accessories for safety and style.

We have some of the lowest prices on the Internet and we have fast turnaround times.

When considering what type of rear seat kit you are going to buy, you have a couple of choices:

  • Rear Flip Seat Kits - this is sometimes referred to as a flip-flop seat and is a versatile solution that is a favorite for for many recreational golf cart owners. Once installed, this type of rear seat allows you to double your passenger seating or, you can flip it over and create a flatbed for hauling cargo.

  • Stationary Rear Seats- These are more traditional rear seats and are great for turning your golf cart into a short-distance commuter vehicle. Once installed, the seats make a comfortable ride for a few extra passengers.

  • Rear Seat Accessories- our selection of rear seat accessories includes safety products such as grab bars and seat belts, as well as more functional additions, like storage bins and drink holders. Like all of our products, we have a big selection and a fast turnaround time.

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