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15" Golf Cart Wheel and Tire Combos

15" Golf Cart Wheels and Tires

Ready for an upgrade that stands out? Our 15-inch golf cart wheels and tires are your go-to solution for boosting both the aesthetics and performance of your golf cart. Compatible with EZGO, Club Car, Yamaha, and more, these wheels and tires are designed for every terrain, making your cart ready for any adventure.

Key Takeaways

Aspect Details
Overall Diameter Ranges from 22" to 23" for optimal performance
Lift Kits Necessary for certain non-lifted golf cart models
Cart Compatibility Evolution, Star EV lifted for sizes up to 22"

15" Golf Cart Wheels and Tires Sizing Guide

Choosing the correct size for your golf cart wheels and tires is essential. It influences not just the aesthetics but also the performance of your cart. Here's what you should consider:

  • Selecting Tires: For lifted carts, opting for larger tires enhances ground clearance and contributes to the vehicle's robust look.
  • Requirement for Lift Kits: For 15" wheels, a lift kit is essential for all cart types.

Need help finding the right tire size for your golf cart? Check out our Tire Size Calculator for quick and accurate measurements!

Lift Kit Guide Table:

Golf Cart Model22" Tires23" Tires
Club Car DS Min 4" Lift Min 6" Lift
Club Car Precedent Min 4" Lift Min 6" Lift
Club Car Onward Min 4" Lift Min 6" Lift
Club Car Tempo Min 4" Lift Min 6" Lift
EZGO Marathon Min 4" Lift Min 5" Lift
EZGO TXT Pre-2001.5 Min 3" Lift Min 4" Lift
EZGO TXT 2001.5+ Min 3" Lift Min 4" Lift
EZGO RXV Min 3" Lift Min 4" Lift
Evolution Non-Lifted No Lift Needs Mods
Evolution Lifted No Lift No Lift
Icon Golf Carts (i20,i40,etc.) Min 4" Lift Min 6" Lift
StarEV Non-Lifted Min 3" Lift Min 4" Lift
StarEV Lifted No Lift No Lift
Yamaha (G1-G22) Min 5" Lift Min 6" Lift
Yamaha G29/Drive2 Min 3" Lift Min 5" Lift
Tire Size  22" Tires 23" Tires
Common 15" Wheel
Tire Sizes


Each 15-inch wheel set features a universal 4x4 bolt pattern, guaranteeing compatibility with a broad spectrum of golf cart models. Every product listing comes with comprehensive fitment information, directing you to the ideal wheel and tire configuration for your cart. It's crucial to remember that for all 15" wheels, a lift kit is necessary to ensure proper fitment and optimal performance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q: Can I fit 15" wheels on my non-lifted golf cart?
A: Generally, you'll need a lift kit to install 15" wheels on your golf cart. This ensures enough clearance and prevents any rubbing issues.

Q: What golf carts are compatible with 15" wheels?
A: Most major golf cart brands, including EZGO, Club Car, and Yamaha, can be fitted with 15" wheels, provided they have the appropriate lift kit installed.

Q: Do 15" wheels require a special bolt pattern?
A: No, 15" wheels typically come with a universal 4x4 bolt pattern, making them compatible with a wide range of golf cart models.

Q: How do I choose the right tires for my 15" wheels?
A: Selecting the right tires depends on your cart's use and the look you're going for. Taller tires offer more ground clearance for off-road use, while lower-profile tires are better suited for smooth surfaces and enhance the cart's appearance.

Q: Will installing 15" wheels and tires affect my golf cart's speed?
A: Yes, larger wheels can slightly increase your golf cart's speed by covering more ground with each rotation. However, the primary benefits include improved aesthetics and possibly better handling.

Q: What are the benefits of upgrading to 15" wheels and tires?
A: Upgrading to 15" wheels enhances your golf cart's appearance, provides more ground clearance, and can improve ride quality. It also allows for a broader selection of tire types for different terrains.

Q: Can I install 15" wheels and tires myself?
A: While many enthusiasts opt to install wheels and tires themselves, it's essential to have basic mechanical skills and understand your golf cart's requirements. If unsure, professional installation is recommended.

Q: Where can I find 15" wheels and tires for my golf cart?
A: 15" wheels and tires can be found at specialized golf cart accessory stores, both online and physical retail locations. Ensure the retailer provides detailed fitment information to choose the right set for your cart.