Golf Cart Light Kits


Light Kits for EZGO, Club Car, and Yamaha Golf Carts

If you are looking to add some extra bling to your golf cart, along with an extra element of safety, light kits for your golf cart are a must. We offer a large and wide selection of light kits for all makes and models.

If you are looking to add turn signals, and/or brake lights to your golf cart, we have what you need. We also have voltage reducers for Yamaha, Club Car, and EZ-GO golf carts, and we even have street legal light kits that will let you drive your golf cart in your own neighborhood without having to worry about getting an expensive ticket from the police.

But do be aware that adding a light kit does not make your golf cart legal in all 50 states. You will need to check with your local department of motor vehicles to see what the laws are in the state where you live.

We carry a line of modified light kits for your golf cart, or you may opt for the factory designed golf cart headlight and tail light kit. The majority of the kits we carry have either LED or halogen light bulbs, which cut down greatly on the amount of voltage that is consumed. These are easy to install units that use wiring harnesses that provide for automotive grade T5 DOT approved wiring and connectors.

Compare LED vs. Halogen style kits:

  • Brightness is one of the biggest advantages to an LED golf cart light kit to halogen. An LED kit has considerably more lumens than a traditional halogen bulb. We recommend not saving money on safety and would strongly suggest spending the extra money for brighter kits. 
  • Another advantage to LED light kits is the consumption of energy vs. halogen. An LED kit consumes a lot less wattage than a halogen therefore your electric or gas cart has more battery life. 
  • The last key feature with an LED kit is longevity. A golf cart LED light kit will last 5 times as long as a halogen kit and well worth the additional expense. 

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