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Eight Great Reasons to Include Golf Carts in Your Wedding

Posted on Feb 3rd 2017

8 reasons why golf carts are great for spring weddings

There are so many things to think about when you are planning a wedding. From the moment she says “Yes!” all the way to the last dance will be a wild ride through planning, parties, and keeping up with your daily life. One great way of solving some spring wedding issues is to include golf carts in your plan! Even if you are not getting married at a golf course, there are some excellent reasons to rent and use golf carts for your wedding this spring.


Easy Transportation

Whether you need to get your bridal party from the hotel room to the ceremony or just the guests from their cars to the venue, extended golf carts are perfect for quick transportation. Extended carts can seat eight people or more so you can fit your whole bridal party to get around quickly, ensuring you stay on schedule. This will also give you more options for photo locations since you can go farther, faster. You won’t have to worry about makeup melting or flowers wilting on a long, hot walk!

Line of golf carts

With a golf cart shuttle, your guests won’t have a long wait for an available cart and can socialize on the quick ride from their cars to the ceremony, from the ceremony to the reception, and back to the parking lot. Having shuttle service is a great way to ensure every guest is comfortable. No one likes to walk a lot in their formal clothes and shoes. You also don’t have to worry about hiring a chauffeur with a special license. Your ushers or other friends or family can easily act as shuttle drivers to save a little money.

You could also rent a cart specifically for your getaway at the end of the night. Your friends can decorate it easily with a “just married” sign and the traditional tail of cans. There are even fun accessories like bubble machines that can take your getaway car to the next level! This is a perfect option if your venue isn’t close enough to a road for a traditional classic car or limo or if you just need to go a short distance.


Great Photos

Couple in golf cart after wedding

A decorated golf cart can be a great prop in your wedding photographs! A picture of you and your bridesmaids piled into a cart on your way to the ceremony would be great to include in your thank you notes to your favorite girls. A getaway cart decorated with a “just married” sign is a great snap at the end of the night and can make your departure a fun event. Your photographer will love the options a pretty cart opens up for great photos.

A golf cart can also help some of your wedding photos go more quickly. If you are planning on going off with your photographer for some portraits after the ceremony, you can all jump in the cart for a fast ride to the perfect spot for scenery or lighting. You won’t keep your guests waiting at cocktail hour, and you’ll be able to go to those perfect locations your photographer scouted in advance.

The cart can also come in handy for the photographer to keep her extra equipment close if you go off to a special location. Carrying all of the extra lenses, flashes, stepladders, and so on can really slow you down, but it is easy to stash them in the back of the cart.



Renting a shuttle bus, classic car, or other transportation can get very pricey, very quickly. Most start at hundreds of dollars per hour! On top of the hourly rate and gas fees, you’ll need to tip the chauffeur and possibly provide him a vendor meal. Golf cart rentals are much more economical. You can rent by the hour or choose a full weekend rental to use it for your rehearsal and other wedding weekend events. Most rental companies offer flexible delivery and pick-up service, so you won’t have to worry about scheduling.

A cost effective option

Pricing typically varies by the size and type of the golf cart, so you can choose the option that fits best with your needs and budget. Most rental agencies will also offer discounts if you are renting multiple carts, called a hospitality package. And, since anyone can drive a golf cart, you won’t have to pay for an expensive chauffeur.

Ask your ushers or some family members to drive for the day and give them a little thank you gift. It’s a good idea to give them a couple of safety tips before releasing them with those rented carts. If you choose battery operated carts, you won’t have to pay for any gas, either. Golf cart rentals offer plenty of savings all around.


Protects Clothes and Shoes

If your ideal ceremony location is a little out of the way, golf cart shuttles will make sure guests make it without having to hike over rough terrain or walk too far in general. If you are choosing a remote location, it is likely there won’t be sidewalks right up to the ceremony. Prevent sand or mud from ruining your dress and shoes and those of all of your guests by riding to the ceremony.

Golf carts are perfect for these quick shuttles as they can navigate uneven terrain and sand easily. Don’t let accessibility limit your location choices.

Bride with flowers in golf cart

If the spring weather is a little wet or chilly, golf carts have plenty of accessories available to help keep guests dry and warm during their ride as well. An enclosure mounted on the cart itself is a great windbreaker and is a quick way to keep the temperature comfortable. It will also block light to moderate rain in case of a shower.

If you want a little extra heat, golf cart heaters are a good choice. Small, propane heaters that fit in the cup holder are inexpensive and can put out a lot of heat to keep everyone comfortable.


Simple to Decorate

Unlike decorating a car, golf carts are easy to add your own decorative touch to without impairing vision or drivability. There are thousands of tutorials online to transform a golf cart into an amazing work of art by adding streamers, flowers, lights, and so on.

Decorated golf cart

If you have a few golf carts for shuttles, you can decorate each one a little differently for variety. You can really go all out on a special cart for the bride and groom. Mimic the sweetheart table at the reception with a “Mr. and Mrs.” sign or small bouquets that match the bride.

If you don’t have the time or lots of extra money for golf cart décor, it is also easy to make them look nice with just a few little touches. You can go the simpler route and just add some leftover flowers or tulle that you are using in the rest of your décor. You don’t have to go out of your way to find specialty items that will work on the golf cart and look great.

Just make sure everything is clear of the wheels and that there is ample room to see through the windshield. If you are adding lights, also be sure they don’t drain the battery. That would really spoil the getaway!


Perfect Theme

Golf balls with rose

Even if your wedding is not at a golf course, or you and your fiancé are not golf lovers, golf carts can be a great addition to your wedding day. Golf carts are prevalent enough that they will not be out of place even if you don’t have a golf theme throughout your wedding. Just decorate the carts tastefully, and no one will think twice about them.

If you and your fiancé are golf enthusiasts, using golf carts for transportation is a perfect addition to a classy golf theme or a subtle nod to your shared hobby. Adorn the cart with a floral wreath with some golf balls or incorporate mini golf clubs into the cart décor to play up the connection.

Give your guests a personalized golf ball and tees as a favor or have specialty cocktails like a spiked Arnold Palmer to keep the theme going at your reception. As long as you avoid making every detail a golf reference, the theme can be chic and not overwhelming.



Electric vehicle icon

You probably won’t be thinking too much about environmental preservation on your big day, but you can still avoid creating pollution by using battery powered golf carts. The use of golf carts on public roads has risen dramatically in the last few years because they are perfect battery powered vehicles!

No gas means no emissions or pollution so you can keep your wedding green and still let everyone ride in style. Since battery powered carts start right up, there is no engine idling while the cart is not in use. You can help save the planet and save a little money on gas.

If you would like to play up this theme, consider donating to an environmentally-friendly charity in lieu of guest favors. You can also research venues that are LEED certified and use recycled paper products when necessary. Ask your caterer to use sustainably sourced seafood and organic meats and produce. Just because you want to go all out for your wedding day does not mean you can’t still protect the environment.



If you choose to rent golf carts, don’t worry that they will be under-utilized. You will definitely get your money’s worth! Whenever they are not in use shuttling bridesmaids or guests to and fro, your family and vendors will use them to run back to a hotel room or to their cars to grab forgotten items or other necessities. They are very convenient for those little errands that always come up during the wedding day and can relieve the stress of trying to be quick in order not to miss anything.

Your vendors may also use them to help transport things for set up and tear down. By allowing your vendors to use the carts when they are not being used by guests, you can help them reduce time and labor costs. Let them know in advance that they will have access to the carts so they can plan accordingly. If they try to back their SUV up to the reception site, it could leave tire tracks or create mud. You can ensure the ground surrounding the reception area stays in good repair by asking vendors to use the golf carts instead. They will appreciate your consideration.

Golf Cart Rental Advice

Row of golf carts

Treat golf cart rental just like any of your other vendor decisions. Research cart rental options in your wedding area and read reviews. Once you’ve decided on a company, talk to the representative about your needs. They can offer advice on how many carts you need for the number of guests you expect and on which type of cart will work for the terrain.

Check and see if the company has any restrictions on who can drive the rented carts. You may have to provide names in advance. Last, ensure you have a fair contract at a good price – negotiation is acceptable!

Make sure the rental company offers golf cart insurance in the unlikely case that a golf cart breaks. Schedule delivery and pick-up times that will work with your wedding weekend schedule and have someone you trust to meet the delivery.

They should inspect the carts for damage when they arrive to make sure you are not fined for any scratches or dents that were already there. Also, assign someone to clean the carts after you are finished. You don’t want to be charged an extra clean-up fee because no one took down your decorations! The extra planning you need to coordinate the golf carts will pay off when your guests are comfortable and happy.

Final Thoughts

While golf carts can’t solve every wedding problem, they are a great solution to some of the trickier challenges weddings can present. Incorporate them into your big day to make everything go smoothly. Your wedding will definitely be one that your guests remember for years to come!


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