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​The Accessory of the Season: Rear Seat Kits for Your Golf Cart

Posted on May 24th 2017


Are you a golf aficionado? Know somebody who is? If that is the case, chances are you own a golf cart. Just like with any other vehicle or possession, golfers may want to personalize and expand the capacities of their golf cart.

If this is the case, golf cart owners should consider getting rear seat kits for their carts. It is not a difficult thing to add a rear seat kit to your golf cart, as it is relatively affordable and can instantly double the capacity of a golf cart you are using.

Even if your golf cart is no longer in active use on the golf course, you can turn it into a vehicle the whole family—or you and a bunch of friends!—can use around the neighborhood or on vacation without having to shell out megabucks on gas for transportation.

With the summer of 2017 right on the horizon, Golf Cart King is offering up an excellent selection of rear seat kits for you to select from. Choose from a wide variety of colors, designs, and companies. These companies include Yamaha, EZGO, Club Car, and many more. Each rear seat kit arrives in a great variety of styles and safety features, and each kit further comes with instructions for installation by yourself.

There are several types of rear seat kits for golf carts, each customized to suit your individual needs. Here are the three most distinct ones.

Stationary Rear Seat Kits


Stationary Rear Seat Kits are what you would consider a “traditional” golf cart rear seat. These particular seat kits are ideal for transforming your vehicle into a commuter or transportation vehicle.

Of course, these cannot replace a full-size car; the mileage and robust frame of a car simply are not feasible for a vehicle that has ultimately been designed for the sake of driving relatively short distances around a golf course, neighborhood, or the grounds of a country club.

However, this seat kit will install several extra seats into the back to comfortably carry multiple riders around. This vehicle will not replace your daily commute—particularly if you live somewhere with slightly harsher weather.

Golf carts are best for sunny days or days that you do not mind being out in the elements—it can make short trips to destinations within a mile or two of your home much easier than walking, and it is environmentally much friendlier than using a car.

Rear Seat Accessories


Rear seat accessories are not necessarily meant to “accessorize” your golf cart, in the traditional sense, but to add a large amount of functionality to it through a handful of useful additions and extras.

Accessories include such items as seat belts, as well as grab bars to give passengers something to hold onto in the case of sharp turns or rough, bumpy rides. These accessories also include several other tools and fun gimmicks, including drink holders for those long hot days out on the golf course, as well as storage bins for when you do not anticipate being near a building or outpost with a trash can.

These rear seat accessories are not necessarily mandatory for consumers to purchase to enjoy the full rear seat experience of a golf cart, but they certainly do make it easier to enjoy golfing or short-term commuting.

Rear Flip Seat Kits

A rear flip seat kit is also occasionally referred to by experts or golf cart enthusiasts as a flip flop seat. These flip flop seats can serve as a highly versatile and flexible addition to your golf cart, particularly if you are a more recreational golfer or golf cart owner.

What makes it so versatile and flexible, you ask? Well, you can easily install it yourself without much outside guidance, aside from the instruction manual that comes with the package. On the other hand, this sort of rear seat kit enables the vehicle owner to double the amount of seating in the golf cart!

On yet a different hand, a golf cart owner with a rear flip seat kit can “flip” the installed seats over—hence, the name—and, thus, form a makeshift truck-style flatbed in order to carry more supplies and materials in the cart.

This way, you do not have to worry about stuffing all your golfing materials into one tiny seat or under one little foot area; you can comfortably fit yourself, one or two friends, and all your cargo into one cart without sacrificing room or comfort for the driver, the passenger, or the materials.


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