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Golf Cart, EZGO & Club Car Performance Upgrades

Upgrade your electric drive system with the Torque controller by Madjax. This simple performance upgrade application will add speed and torque to your EZGO, Club Car, or Yamaha golf cart. Simply install the controller with model specific wiring harness and enjoy increased power by giving your motor 600 amps. Want speed or torque on the fly? Well of course you do and thats why we offer the first and only programable "on the fly" programmer by Madjax. All of these parts are built by Navitas, a global leader in performance controllers and components. Contact our knowledgable sales staff for questions or watch the demo reel featured in the product section of the components. 

The Madjax Torque Controller is a new controller. It is designed to work with the new “On-The-Fly” (OTF) Programmer. The OTF Programmer allows the operator to Control the Driving Experience in Real-Time. The driver can adjust the Top-Speed, Acceleration and Regeneration while driving, as conditions change.