Top Tips for Customizing Your Golf Cart

May 11th 2016


A customized golf cart serves many purposes. No longer limited to golf courses, carts provide convenient, inexpensive transportation for running errands around town, visiting friends, or performing yard work. A broad range of modifications allows you to use your cart almost anytime and anywhere.

Before customizing your cart, consider your needs and comfort requirements. If you need to economize, you may want to think about purchasing a remanufactured cart.

Customized Body and Hood

You can revive your cart with a customized body and hood. Cart dealers offer body sets, front hoods, rear bodies, rear underbody, front fascia, and side skirts for customization purposes.

Use the color and design of the main body as a base for modification. Authorized cart dealers are experienced in creating custom paint colors, graphics or style patterns to make your golf cart truly unique. You may even consider a customized canopy top as well since these are available in numerous colors.

Lift Kit

A lift kit is a popular item as it completes the off-roading presence of your cart and gives an improved ride over rough terrains. Kits let you add larger tires and wheels to your cart and generally range from 2 to 6 inches in height. You will want to make sure the kit you choose is appropriate for your cart.

  • Spindle lifts. Provides a wider stance with more stability at an affordable price. With ease of installation, spindle lifts are popular since they do not require any adjustments to the factory suspension.
  • Axle lifts. Created to replace your front axle with a drop axle. Even though these are cost-efficient, they take more time to install because the rods need to be narrowed down for installation.
  • Long travel lifts. Appropriateif you require performance for off-roading and four wheeling. Excellent front suspension giving passengers the most comfortable ride over rough terrain. These kits widen the wheelbase and can be more complicated to install.

Tires and Wheels

Functional, as well as stylish, cart tires and wheels, are available in numerous options. The terrain your cart will cover determines the type of tires and wheels to purchase. Street tires allow you to efficiently cover more terrain over paved surfaces and are usually necessary on golf courses. Tires for off-roading are larger and have deeper treads.

Cart wheels are available in chrome to matte black with numerous variances in between. MJFX, by Madjax©, has some of the highest quality and smoothest design tires, as well as top prices.

Fender Flares and Brush Guards

If you have plans to take your cart off the beaten path, fender flares are a simple addition to your vehicle. Flares help to protect you, your passengers, and the interior of your golf cart from mud and other debris.

Brush guards not only add a sleek, sporty style to your cart but also provide extra safety and protection to the front hood and headlights.

Custom Seats

Seats for golf carts are available in a variety of designs. Cushions are larger and contoured and provide more comfort and support. Headrests and armrests are available in more customized options as well. Modifications, such as two-tone covers, allow you to display your individualized style.

Madjax© is recognized for producing a high-quality line of seats for golf carts. Some of their more colorful covers are the Riptide and Wave designs.

Bluetooth Speakers

Recent Bluetooth systems offer incredibly clear sound, as well as adaptable mounting locations and the capability to withstand the elements. The front dash area or the struts that support the top are two most common areas to place a speaker system. Be sure to add a phone mount to keep this device in position.

Upgraded Controller

An upgraded speed controller provides quicker acceleration and greater torque, which can be beneficial in maintaining performance if you add a lift kit and larger wheels and tires. An upgraded golf cart controller can help your vehicle with steeper and rugged terrain.

Drink Cooler

The convenience of a cooler designed to fit your cart is a must-have. This item will not use up any necessary room and, with the use of a bracket, mounts easily on the side of your cart.


An easy and inexpensive way to customize your golf cart body is by adding decals of your favorite sports team or other design. Choices range from race car to NFL decals, or any other design. Also available are pre-cut golf cart skins to customize an entire golf cart.

Other Customizing Ideas

  • Create your own theme. Use your favorite sports team or a hobby as an overall customization design.
  • Get ideas from websites, catalogs or in stores. This will also help in establishing a budget. Even though numerous accessories are very affordable, it can be easy to spend more than you planned.
  • Custom accessories, such as chrome accents, seats, lift kits, roof racks and other parts can generally be installed using everyday tools (screwdrivers, adjustable wrench, pliers, and hammer).
  • If you decide on custom paintwork, graphics, or pin stripes, plan ahead in case any bodywork is needed prior to installing accessories or paintwork.
  • Buy a quality cart cover. A cover will provide adequate protection from rain, and the sun. They are available in various materials, designs and prices.